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Glastron boats for sale

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  1. Glastron


    Year: 1988
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Austin, Minnesota, United States
  2. Glastron GS 185 Bowrider

    Glastron GS 185 Bowrider

    Year: 1997
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Westford, Massachusetts, United States
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  4. Glastron GX235

    Glastron GX235

    Year: 2006
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Fox Lake, Illinois, United States
  5. Glastron 1900

    Glastron 1900

    Year: 1991
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Valley, Alabama, United States
  6. Glastron GT 205

    Glastron GT 205

    Year: 2012
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Herriman, Utah, United States
  7. Glastron GS 279

    Glastron GS 279

    Year: 2005
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    San Rafael, California, United States
  8. Glastron


    Year: 2013
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Grapevine, Texas, United States
  9. Glastron GLS 215

    Glastron GLS 215

    Year: 2012
    Condition: Used
    Boat location:
    Toms River, New Jersey, United States

In 1956, just based shipyard Glastron Boats started production of the courts of new material - fiber glass. Its purpose was the construction of the stylish, versatile and at the same time, the available boats. This combination has opened a new era in shipbuilding and in just a few years turned the young company into a global leader.

For more than 50 years Glastron built over half a million ships, presented dozens of innovations in the field of construction and design, moving shipbuilding technology forward with each new achievement. No wonder that "rushing harpoon" ("sweep spear") Glastron on the side of each model is now one of the most recognizable features of yachting.

The secret of success shipyards in the construction of vessels for those who use them. Each model is designed to exceed the expectations of people who truly understand water sports. From ergonomics to security and performance, every detail is well thought out and is exactly where it should be.

Shipyard Glastron in the town of Little Falls, PCs Minnesota - without exaggeration shipbuilding plant of the future. New ultra-modern shipyard was built to accommodate the technology VEC, development of which was spent millions of dollars. No other shipbuilder does not own a plant of this type, as well as the technology. VEC is a patented process naslaivanija molded fiberglass, highly automated, not harmful for the environment and is very accurate. Ships constructed with VEC, very light and at the same time extremely strong, VEC can improve their integrity and improve running characteristics.

Another feature Glastron - super-resistant V-shaped hull SSV (Super Stable Vee). He quickly aligned (with minimal elevation of the nose), stable at high speed and good turns. Model range Glastron 2009 includes 21 ships, including 7 new products, and consists of 4 series.

Series Bowriders is 11 Borimirov length from 17 to 25 feet, 6 of which are new. In a series Fish & Ski - 2 boats for fishing and boat trips with a length of 18 and 20 feet. In a series Deck Boats boats with extensive deck length from 20 to fotov. Series Cabin includes 4 Models of motor yachts with a cabin, length from 20 to fotov. The new 28-foot model in this series are the largest and most luxurious in Glastron.

Shipyard Glastron Boats were awarded the National Association of shipbuilders of "Excellence in customer satisfaction" ("Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award") every year since the inception of the awards in 2003.